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Employer Information

By partnering with SWEL, we are able to introduce minority students to our firm that have been pre-screened. We know the students will have the backdrop of programming, training, mentoring and support that will help them become better writers and prepare them for law school.
— Frost Brown Todd, Kimberly Amrine
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SWEL could not succeed without  the generous support of law firms, judges, governmental offices  and corporations that provide internships and classroom speakers.  This commitment allows SWEL to support students in their goal to secure admission to law school, and gain first  hand experience about career options within the legal profession.

Employers hire SWEL students for part time or full time paid internships that provide assistance to administrative staff, associates and law clerks. Internship duties can range from filing to delivery of court summons, to data and fact research on actual cases.  In addition to administrative support, students have the opportunity to develop valuable mentoring relationships with attorneys, judges and law clerks.

Each Friday during the program, SWEL students attend academic preparation classes at the Cincinnati Bar Association.  Here students gain insight on the law school preparation process and prepare assignments to improve their grammar, punctuation and essay writing style. Friday classes include visits to local corporations who prepare training sessions on the inherent challenges associated with corporate legal practices.  Students also visit top law schools in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and elsewhere to meet with admissions representatives and attend law classes.

Connecting SWEL students to our legal community lays the foundation for a future career in Cincinnati and Dayton.  We invite you to join other local legal organizations and experience the quality of our students.  

Given SWEL’s leadership and extraordinary history of excellences, SWEL is the ideal candidate to present a model program for use by additional communities.
— U.S. District Court Judge, Timothy S. Black

Employer Details

SWEL Internship Requirements

SWEL internships are offered during the summer from June to August. 

Internship Guidelines and Selection Process

SWEL is open to primarily African American high school and college students.  For more information on the internship guidelines, please click here.


SWEL recruitment and selection (February - April) 

Student orientation (June)

Summer internships begin (June)

Employer Appreciation luncheon (August)

Friday Forums

Along with working at the internship sites, SWEL students are required to attend weekly classes where they gain insight on law school admissions and LSAT preparations, participate in comprehensive writing and issue-spotting diagnostics.  Guest speakers present to the student scholars topics such as legal practices and professional development.  SWEL students will also visit some of the nation's top law schools and a number of prestigious work sites.

Day with Giants

Students meet with legal icons in the Greater Cincinnati community.  In 2012, students met with Judges Spiegel & Jones; 2013 - Judges Sherman & McClain, Bea Larsen, Esq.

Employer Appreciation Luncheon

SWEL is grateful to the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton legal communities for SWEL summer internships.  In appreciation to these employers, the SWEL students established the SWEL Employer Appreciation Luncheon.  This tradition offers SWEL students a vehicle to demonstrate newly acquired networking skills and to provide a forum to express their appreciation to the many SWEL stakeholders. 

Employer Obligations

Although some of our employer sites have opted to offer their intern a permanent employment opportunity, the employer is not obligated to the intern beyond the term of the internship and the intern is not obligated to the employer beyond the term of the internship.

Employer feedback is vital for each intern.  We ask each employer to evaluate student performance annually.  We ask that you communicate to SWEL staff your level of satisfaction with each intern.  SWEL will use this information as part of the overall program evaluation for each intern.

How to register

Employers who are interested in hiring a SWEL intern for the summer can contact SWEL at 513.280.0905.


Employer Benefits

Many employers who participate in the SWEL program tell us that through their civic and professional responsibility, they receive many benefits from their participation in SWEL.  Below are just a few of the benefits employers should expect:

Investment in Diversity
By investing and re-investing in local minority talent, you help create a diverse pool of qualified law students who often times have a greater loyalty to the city that made the investment in them.  

Enhance Recruitment and Retention Outcomes
Organizations that understand the importance of fostering diversity initiatives for a vibrant workforce also understand the importance of committing resources to build such a diverse workforce.  When recruiting and retaining diverse talent, potential employees will look for specific evidence of your commitment.  Make SWEL part of your commitment. 

Enhance Your Reputation in the Community
When you participate in a program such as SWEL that invests in the talent of our community  you improve your organization’s reputation with the local business community; the non-profit community; and schools.   

Serve as a Pipeline for Future Hires
As an employer that hires SWEL students for a summer internship, you are able to assess how the students’ work ethic and abilities will adapt to your organization business environment and work standards; thereby, helping you identify budding, future employees. 

Increase Diversity in Your Organization
When you hire a SWEL student, you will add to the diversity of your organization